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Elf Power is a new band i've been listening to a lot. i was drawn to the band (obviously) by its name initially, but i really like them! they remind me of Bright Eyes, but only if conner oberst became a well-balanced citizen and stopped with the drinkin'.

Capitol City Dusters is a band i've known about for a while but i feel deserve a mention. some of the songs are just OK, but they really grow on you quickly. "Sound Fountain" is incredibly evil and I love it. i'd describe it as the vocalist from the B-52's getting a garage band. fun stuff.

Spoon is a great band if you haven't already checked them out. they've got a new album due out in august (8/20 "Kill the Moonlight" on Merge).

Weezer just released a BUNCH of demos for their fifth album--23 to be exact. right now, you can find them all here at the official site. they come and they go there, though. if the demos aren't there when you go, just do a search for them on google. plenty of fansites are hosting them now, too. i reccomend "Running Man" and "Misstep." cool stuff.

Control Machete's "Si Senor" (from... that commercial. i forgot what it's for, but it's got the guy with 'da crazy legs) is my new most favorite-ist song.
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