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CD Review!

Cd: Good Charlotte, "Young and the Hopeless"

Review: Good Charlotte is back, and stronger than ever. with this, their second album release in almost 3 years, they have set a new standard for punk rock bands. this album shows how the group has grown-up in both songwriting and musicianship. "The Anthem" starts of this album with a kick-ass song about being yourself. after that, the great songs just continue with the extremely cool "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", the romantic and rocking "Wondering", the fist pumping "Girls & Boys", and on and on...the cd doesn't drop a single bad tune. There's plenty of tunes to rock out too ("Riot Girl", "The Day That I Die"), as well as some tear jerking ballads ("Say Anything", "Emotionless"). The album ends with the with the powerful "Movin On", a song about dealing with life and not giving up. it's a message i hope Good Charlotte takes to heart, because it would be a shame for them to give up on music and not make anymore records. if you don't have this album already, then buy it now.

Rating: ***** 5 out of 5

Good Songs: all of them, but especially "The Anthem", "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", "Wondering", "Riot Girl", "Emotionless", "Movin On"
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