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Music Reviewers wanted.

Hey there! I'm jackin69Jack from freakcentral.com (on lj: freakcentralcom)...

Here is the deal.. I'm only writing this to THIS community for a reason. There are good review writers out there. I am looking for anyone who wishes to write reviews and have them published on an established, hi-hit website. The site makes NO money (actually, I've put so much into it.. lol..).. it is just my hobby. I love music. I have set up a program that allows mutliple people to automatically add thier own reviews to the website. It's quite nifty.... Currently my bestest friend pinkrocker writes all the reviews, but we need more!!

If you want to see the intro/release we give to record labels, see it
/// Press Introduction //////////////////
FreakCentral.com was formerly (1998-2001) a music review-driven website that dealt only with all genres of Christian Music. It
featured full information on over 50 bands, with a bio, music links, video links, tablature, buy links (discography), lyrics,
and reviews for every artist listed. Since then, it had been decided that the web-site would not just focus on all Christian
music. It now features secular AND Christian music, targeting only the rock/punk/ alternative/emo genres of music.

Since the reopen in early 2002, the webs-site recieves 30,000+ _unique_ visitors (not hits, which includes every file
downloaded) every month. We are currently in the process of programming some great features to the web-site, including a way
to make adding reviews much simpler to add, and make navigating them much quicker also. In fact, the programming is in the
testing stage now.

Although we attended a few concerts during the summer, we are gearing up for a long concertrun and a lot of reviews to be
written! Currently, the head of reviews is Katelyn Bennett,who lives here in Indianapolis/Muncie area where I do. I also have
people that are on hold for writing reviews in NYC and in LA.

Normally, Katelyn and I will attend a concert. I take the photos and do the webwork, and shewrites the review. I also try to
chip in on the review. The new programming will include asection on every review for links to the official web-sites, labels
sites, management, and links to purchase music from the artist.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. I currently have contact with Clear Channel publicity and publicity from
10s of major record labels, and wish to add you to that list.

Anywho, if you are interested in having your CD/concert reviews published on there, e-mail me sometime: jack@freakcentral.com /// I can set up an account for you, and get you rollin :-) (please tell me your lj name and possibly links to your reviews here..)

Otherwise, thanks for reading, sorry for taking up your time and friends page, and rock on.


ps: this is a Rock/Punk/Emo/PopPunk/anything but country/britney website. just to let you know...
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