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new to the community

ok, im new. obviously. these are my favorite songs as of now, in no particular order. song title first-artist second.

gollum's song - emiliana torrini
the far east coast - exodus quartet
departures- the karminsky experience
hard latin- kenyon hopkins
listen- ltj bukem
screw loose- tipper
bass and treble- ursula 1000
shine- arkestra one
the search for jim- john murphy
vista do mar- les hommes
doublespeak- blue states
angel- massive attack
the way you look tonight- cal tjader
ghosts- thomas newman
first touch- desmond williams
manha- thievery corporation
digeratidub- avatars of dub
the moon, the sky- thunderball
femme fatale- broadway project

i think covers that for now.
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